Tuesday, April 27, 2010

who are u again?

silence is 'reasonably' easy
if you dont wanna put a fight - remain silence
if you dont wanna trigger things up - keep it silent
if you hate to let your feelings out - shush
if you noe nothing - shut up

but somehow it is only reasonably easy
because on certain occasions, being silence shows an admission
when pple ask u sumthing and u juz keep quiet, not becuz ure admitting everything
u seriously dont wanna make thing worst than it is now...
ure trying ur very best to be d person u're not
where before, u wont keep quiet and u will say ur stand for evertyhg..
somehow, the era is changing
the law is changing
even the pple living in it are also changing
for good? for worse? depends on one's perception..

im tired
im exhausted
i surrender
i'llbe d old me no more
no more mercy
things done by me are only becuz of respponsibility
dont talk bout loves
dont talk bout affections
dont talk bout feelings
dont talk about respects
dont talk about humanities


ive had enough!
being not perfect is nice
not that i dont wanna be perfect
it's better to be no one
rather than to be sumone and being put a whole lotsa burdensome so that that sumone can fulfill the criteria that the person that sumone is trying to be sumone and that person juz will never be satisfied and putting more and more pressure for that sumone to be sumone..

tq for making me ME~

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