Saturday, May 8, 2010

thief or bugglar

how would you feel when the one you most trusted after your family is actually the one you should not put your trust on?????! well, this happened to me almost every time.. and latest plot was slaughtered out last week..damn fucking news.. yep, he was there when my mom kept on lecturing me about my missing money..he was there when i cried, telling him that the money was my graduation present and i was supposed to buy a sLr camera..he was there when i told him i suspected my sister as the one who took it..he was there when i had to struggle to collect money back in order to get the exact amount that my mom gave me..what a man, what a son-ova-biatch..
after all these times, he is the one who has been the mastermind of all the missing money.. plus, the missing jewellery.. even he met with an accident while driving my car and he has no i had to use my own money almost thousand something to cover almost everything..
he had been there all these times
he had been the most ignorant guy of whom had stolen some pple's stuff
he had been the most 'lelaki paling tak berguna dan tak tahu malu hanya tau gna duet perempuan and da la gna, curi plak lg..laki jenis hape tah smpi sggup bia seorg kakak mengesyaki adiknya sndiri...' i really hate dis guy but until now he doesnt noe that i know this should i do to make him pay??

yep. u're caught red-handed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

give me strength..

..the news..
pretty damn shocking
all that i can say..
im deeply frustrated..
cruely torn..
helplessly givin up..
leaving myself clueless..
of wut shud i do next?
it may be easy to steal pple's hearts
it is not right to steal pple's trust
it is not right to steal pple's assets
wasnt everytg enuff?

or shud i say, ive had enuff?

dear God..thnx for showing me 'things' not everyone gets to see..
thank-you :)