Sunday, November 29, 2009

no intention 2 kill~~

now im doing my attachment kt one of the famous laywer's office in penang. he's a gd fren of my dad. first day i went there, da kene jerkah haha..cuz i was late (few secs only) to gve him d resume that he wanted - cuz i printed from his office, tu lmbt sket, huahua :p. but im okay with the screaming2 thingy, cuz dat is his nature, even his wife also told me not to take it personally..yes i wont :D

he gave me loads of books to be read upon..
i read my 1st book, 'no intention to kill - a true story' written by Vijayandran Thanigasalam, a lawyer in msia.

this book is a true story about an indonesian maid who was convicted for murdering her employer. this news was spread all over msia, written everywhere in the newspapers. it surrounds the processes in the court, the issues that were raised, even the technical probs that PP failed to bring into lights, how the defendant fight for her life, in which after 8 yrs spending time in the jail, going in and out the court - the maid was released.

i read it within a day.

and d best part, after giving back d book to my master, about 3 days later, i met with d writer. he gave me his copy and signed on it. thanx to my master actly, theyve noen each other n he asked for me to be given a copy ;p

tq sir.

from this book, i have jotted out some of the words that i kind of liking let me jz put them down here. sharing is caring :D

- to live life in a stigma of insanity wud be worth living
- an outright acquittal was on the cards!
- storm in a tea cup
- rather excited than nervous
- as bad as bad can be
- a dream-like-state
- 'beyond reasonable doubt' dont mean 'beyond a shadow of doubt'
- cowards die many times before their death but the valiant never taste of death but once - shakespeare's julius ceaser
- human conception originates from a murky situation