Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hidden mind

i can talk if u call for it
i can smile if u wish for it
i can laugh if u miss it
i can sing if u ask for it

i can listen if u long for it
i can help if u seek for it
i can give if u crave for it
i can leave if u struggle for it
anything that pleases u...

peeling the cover...
one by one...
u'll found the core of every truth..
that had never been revealed...
yess...every little bit hurts...
hurting others..
hurting my own self..

i tried to be myself..
i tried to walk alone..
i tried to be independent..
i tried to say my stand...
but i feel like im loosing it...
im lost...
lost in my own game...

i wont talk if u hate it
i wont smile if ure allergic to it
i wont laugh if u'll be disgusted with it
i wont sing if u cant stand it

i wont listen if u not care for it
i wont help if u despise it
i wont give if u have enough of it
i would leave if ure sick of me
just say so
stop hiding it
make up ur mind

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